Woodbridge Skate Competition - 1st June

Skate Lessons!

Woodbridge Town Council have been kind enough to subsidise the cost of the lessons. meaning they are just 10 pounds per person!

All equipment can be provided on the day if needed, Helmet, Pads or a Board. 

Please wear suitable shoes, trainers preferably, no open toe shoes, flip flops or crocs. 

Find Detail for the lessons below with what one might be best for you. 

To book your place. complete the online registration at THIS LINK or at the bottom of this page

Beginner Skate Lessons - 09:30 - 10:30

These lessons are perfect to get started in skateboarding! Aimed at people who have never stepped on a board before and want to give it a go. if you can already skate then this isn't the lesson for you. 

The maximum ability we would expect for this session would be to be able to ride along and not much more. 

this is open to all ages! dont let anything stop you from getting skating.

some of the things we would cover in this lesson:

Not so beginner Skate Lessons - 11:00 - 12:00

These Improver lessons are aimed at people who might have some of the basics of skating already. they may be able to push and turn. in between the beginner and intermediate lessons. We do not expect you to be really confident with everything, thats what the lesson is for. 

on top of everything that we would cover in the Beginner lesson, (see beginner lesson) we may also cover things such as:

Intermediate Skate Lessons - 12:30 - 13:30

for intermediate lessons we already expect you to be able to control the board by yourself and be confident in the basics. We then move on to the wide variety of skills and tricks that you can learn in skating, so it's difficult to give any sort of list of what could be covered but we will try to match it to what you want to learn. 

we expect you to be able to at least do the following confidently:


On the day we will be blessed with music from the talents of: K0RP5E , Back to the Point , CTE and in the evening to finish the day off, a DJ set from BBC Suffolks own Angelle Joseph


We can keep you fed on the day! With the support of TFI Vegan to give you dirty burgers! Doodle Donuts for any sweet treats! and for most of the day, Dolly's Pizza for freshly baked pizza!

This day and competition could not have happened without the support of Woodbridge Town council and all our sponsors!