Where to skate

Ipswich Skatepark - IP1 1AX

This park is a lot bigger a more spaced out than a lot of the other local parks. it has all sorts but being an older park, it is relatively basic. A good park to get to grips with some basic flat ground skating between obstacles.

Woodbridge Skatepark - IP12 4AW

Not initially visible from the road Woodbridge Skatepark is just behind the Deben Leisure Centre with parking available right next to the park. A very nice, small and mellow park. Great for the basics.

Whitehouse Skatepark - Ipswich - IP1 5LP

This fairly new skatepark is a bit more creative with some different obstacles and angles which allows for different skating. However this park is a bit smaller than most parks. There are some areas to park nearby but no official parking. It is located in Whitehouse park with some play equipment nearby.

Hadleigh Skatepark - IP7 5ER

This skatepark is quite mellow and more street based than other parks. Its offers selection some less common obstacles and with a decent amount of flat ground space to learn on. It is located in a park which offers nice surroundings and also has nearby parking.

Bury St Edmunds Skatepark - IP33 3TA

The biggest park locally, Bury St Edmunds park has a bowl, ramps and many street obstacles including a stair set. This park is great for some mellow ramps and obstacles also combined with some more difficult ramps. Around the outside of the park is a pump track and there is nearby free parking.

Saxmundham Skatepark - IP5 3RH

This skate park is small but is fairly new to the area and shows it with a more modern design. it has some different obstacles but doesn't offer much flat ground space or small obstacles for beginners.

Framlingham Skatepark - IP13 9BX

A good skatepark for beginners and more advanced skaters with a mixture of prebuilt metal ramps and concrete ramps this park. The park has seating and isn't too crammed together.

Belle Vue Skatepark - Sudbury - CO10 2RT

The newest park in Suffolk this is a more creative park. The Park is very small which can make it difficult to skate for beginners. with a mixture of street and ramp terrain this park is bound to spark some creativity in you.

These are only some of the more local skateparks around Ipswich but of course you can skate anywhere else and there are plenty of more skateparks around!