Learn to skate

Stepping on a skateboard for the first time can be a really scary experience. Some people are happy to do this themselves but for those who want to learn with some help, then this is where Two-Toed Skateboards can help. 

There are a few different services on offer and every one aims to create a safe and supportive environment where everyone can express themselves and learn through skating.  

Coaches are DBS checked, Fully First aid trained, Insured by 1st for sport and a Skateboard GB accredited skate coach.

With all services the price includes any equipment which would be needed for any skating session. this includes Helmets, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards and of course a skateboard if you haven't got one of your own.  

All sessions are available at any local skatepark but can be also be arrange at other locations.

Payment can be made in advance online or by cash or card in person before a session. All major cards accepted as well as google, android and apple pay accepted. 

1 to 1 Lessons & Coaching - £30 per hour

If you want the personal time to really focus on learning or improving then an hour of 1 to 1 coaching could be for you. with every 1 to 1 session i will work to your own goals and help you learn and achieve  what you can instead of just following a general lesson plan. This will include personal support and a custom skate plan to help you look back at your progress just as much as progress towards what you want to do on a board.

Group Sessions - £15 per hour per person

Skating as part of a group is a lovely way to start skating. Group skating brings out the social side of skateboarding and can be a great way to to learn to skate whilst making friends and learning skate park etiquette. Inevitably group skating does mean that each skater gets slightly less 1 to 1 time but the joy of being in a group is that you don't feel left out when you're learning and can even learn off of each other! 


If you aren't quite sure when you might want a lesson then all of the services vouchers are available as vouchers including custom events or occasions. Just contact us or visit the Shop to buy a voucher. 

Everything else!

There are lots of other opportunities to involve skateboarding and learning to skate and we are always up for doing something different. If you are a school who would like any lessons, have any events or parties you would like Two-Toed Skateboards at then let us know!

Before any lesson an online registration form needs completing. you can complete it here.