Hi i'm Lewis! I started skating when I was 10 years old and I was inspired by those I saw in videos and the skaters who taught me. I saw what could be done on a skateboard and immediately wanted to try and do it. It didn't take long for skating to become a massive part of my life including the culture, the style and with the social side of skating it was soon an addictive good feeling skating brought to my life. Skating was something to focus on in hard times and i could always rely on skating if i felt bored sad or happy. I could choose to skate on my own or around other people and skateboarding always gave me a constant goal to work towards because there is always something to learn with skateboarding!

Years down the line skating is still a big part of my life and i'm still learning just as mush as before. In 2017 i got qualified as a skate coach and combined my love for animals, especially alpacas, with skating and started Two-Toed skateboards to try and give back what i had when i was learning and give opportunities for all to learn in a safe and supportive environment.

If you want to learn to skate then nothing should stop you. I offer coaching services in groups, at events, parties in schools and on a 1 to 1 basis. I am a fully qualified skateboard coach as part of skateboard England 1st for sport, CRB checked and first aid trained.

Outside of skating there is always so many new things to try out. Why not check out some of our partners below:

Quiver Windsurfing and Paddle board Centre

Why not try something different on a board? Owned by Darren Herbert a sponsored and professional windsurfer, Quiver can get you paddle boarding or windsurfing in no time.

With Years of experience in all fields Quiver can help with 1 to 1 learning, group sessions, parties or even just advice with equipment.

Kachina Clothing

Owned by Robert Castellani Kachina make amazing quality Vegan and ethically sourced garments. Perfect for skating of course or just whatever you active and fun lifestyle might throw at you.